Hop Off Time Hop

They say you learn from the past and that helps you create a better future. I canít even give you guys a personís name who originally said that. Thereís like A TON of people that have. Mistakes are great lessons to learn from and my parents tell me all the time that if they didnít make certain mistakes then they wouldnít be where they are today. They make sure to always tell me not to regret the past for that reason.

Sure thatís great advice and all but thereís a big difference between our generation and theirs. They donít have a way of remember certain mistakes that they have made, maybe something can trigger them but they donít have to deal with the ever so awful demon that comes around just when youíre feeling forgetful of your past. Iím of course talking about Time Hop.

Time Hop is an app that links to your other social media accounts, and can show you statuses, pictures, and all the other god awful things that you have repressed in your mind for years. The app brings back old flames and relationships that you wish you had spent your time on something else, and even that occasional one that got away. Yeah, trust me Iíve been there too. You think you forgot all about them then BAM! Next thing you know your pondering how your life would be with them and how many dogs you would have loved to own with them by now.

If the past lovers of your life arenít enough to get you, then just wait for the 2010 Facebook statuses that you probably put up. You know which ones Iím talking about, the ďlike for rateĒ and ďtruth isĒ statuses that would occasionally break up your normal status updates of ďShe Will Be LovedĒ lyrics by Maroon 5. All of these statuses quite literally make you cringe out loud, or maybe even vomit depending on how active you were on posting.clint eastwood.gif

A weird side note that might only affect me, but I absolutely hated how I used to type back in the day. All my old posts had the letter ďuĒ instead of ďyouĒ which might not have bothered high school Tyler, but present day Tyler gets livid over it.

So as of today Iím taking my parents advice and I am going to learn to love the past and not regret one thing about it. Every status and ex-girlfriend youíve ever questioned yourself about has to stop. This of course means I have to delete Time Hop.im out

Itís not you Time Hop, itís me. Iím in a weird place right now in my life and I just need some time to find myself. I canít keep getting set back by audibly cringing every morning when I look at you. Maybe someday, when Iím in a more proud and established life, we can be friends again.



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