Who Just Got Arrested For Prostitution in Saugerties? Mariah Carey’s Sister Did

The older sister of pop music star Mariah Carey was arrested Friday in Saugerties on a prostitution charge, the Daily Freeman†reports:

“Police arrested Alison A. Carey, Mariah’s older sister, after an investigation found her soliciting money in exchange for sexual favors from an undercover police officer posing as a client. Police say Alison Carey, 55, posted an ad with†two photos of Alison Carey and read:

“Im a pretty lady looking for guys who are looking to have some fun and get into a world of pleasure that other woman just cant provide two you,woman with the ability to make the earth move for you and to get you to see stars, oh yea with me its,’ITS SUCH A SWEET,SWEET FANTASY BABY, WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I COME AND TAKE YOU ON AND ON.’ “

That last line sound familar? Yep, that’s a line from her sister’s song “Fantasy” back in ’95. Except instead of “you come and take me on” it’s “I come and take you on” because she’s a prostitute and she does prostitute stuff for money. She also gives us a good idea of†what Mariah would look like without her Hollywood glam.


Mariah without make-up

It seems in a perfect world, the siblings of celebrities are all well off in a slightly less good looking and accomplished way. But I guess that’s what they mean by mo’money mo’ problems. First Jamie Lynn Spears ends her career at 16 and pregnant, Solange attacks JayZ in an elevator and now we have Mariah Carey’s sister “making the earth move so you can see the stars” in Saugerties. Saugerties is home to Jimmy Fallon and literally nothing else. I don’t even know what it takes to fall to such depths in life, nor do I want to.

More importantly, how does one get so far estranged from a multi-millionaire superstar sister? Isn’t that someone you at least fake a relationship with to reap the benefits? According to the internet, they had a huge argument in ’94 and have not talked in 20+ years. At all. Now I’m a firm believer that there are two sides to every story, and Mariah’s Brother Morgan tells one of them.

“Your sister is dying and she is struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch.”

“I flew in from Hawaii last year when Alison was taken off a ventilator, believing she was going to die. My sister didn’t even show up at the hospital. Thankfully Alison had a miraculous recovery but now she needs brain and spinal surgery and will be going into hospital any day.”

I don’t even think Mariah is in love with James, she’s only in love with herself. She is evil. She has always been that way. It’s her £5million engagement ring she is in love with.


Morgan currently lives Italy with his wife “happily away from it all” while Allison Carey Scott went down a very bad road and is a broke drug addict, a prostitute, and most alarmingly a Mother of 4. She is confirmed HIV Positive and police†have called for anyone who had sexual encounter to consult with a doctor. Allison has made several attempts to reach out to†Mariah for financial and emotional support but there has been no response from Mariah. There was also no response when Morgan reached out via email to tell her he and his wife had a miscarriage, which she also ignored…

But like I said, two sides to every story.†


P.S. Legal 101 – “by contacting me you agree that you are not part of law enforcement using this as an entrapment” is not the way our legal system works.

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