Amy Schumer Shows The World Why You Should Never Heckle Her

During the comedian’s Stockholm, Sweden, stop of her tour last week, Schumer made an example of a heckler who felt compelled to yell, “Show us your tits,” in the middle of her set.

First of all, yelling “show us your tits” will more or less never work out in your favor unless you’re in Amsterdam’s Red Light District with a hundo in your hand. Second, there are certain women in this world where you best withstand certain actions. For example, you don’t punch Ronda Roussey as you will get punched back. You don’t say anything bad about Beyoncè, as everyone around you will look at you weird. And maybe above all, you don’t say anything misogynistic to Amy Schumer because you will get lit up, especially at her own damn show.

Now I wouldn’t say she destroyed this heckler, as most headlines describe. She processed the situation incredibly well and delivered a clap-back worth watching, but it’s light in comparison to what would have happened if it was Joan Rivers on that stage. RIP.




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