Texas Defeated Notre Dame In A Double Overtime Season Opener and It Is Entirely Because Of Matthew McConaughey

Very few scrawny white men could walk in front of a team of enormous Division 1 football players and get them absolutely fired up for the biggest game of the season, but most scrawny white men aren’t Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey, a pronounced Texas Longhorn fan, alum, and now, teacher. Dropped into the Longhorn’s football practice andtalked to the team before their season opener which ended up being an absolute thriller, the type even your Mother thinks is exciting to watch.

This highlight reel delivers the peek you need into the exciting moments of the battle and a definite look at a few NFL stars of the future.

Texas came out on top 50-47 in double overtime, but what this highlight reel didn’t show was the reason Texas won. Matthew McConaughey dropped into practice the day before and ESPN gave us a glimpse of the pump up speech he gave the team which is more than less verbal steroids. My god, without this pump-up speech the Longhorns woulda been running around like Calvin Cambridge without his shoes and I credit their big W to this.




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  1. johnbonvoyage

    He did the same thing last season… Didn’t quite work out then. Enjoyed his speech but there’s a whole lot more behind the team this season outside of Mr. “Alright Alright Alright.”
    -Longhorn fan


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