The alcohol industry achieves two big milestones in one day (according to drinkers)

There’s something pretty special about alcohol. Happy, sad, single, taken, riding soloor rolling deep with a squad, us adultsoften look forward to the opportunity to pour one out and relax with a glass, can or bottle of our favorite beverage.

The industry has definitely gone through some ups and downs over the years, remember that whole Prohibition thing? But really, we’ve seen somenew flavors or inventions come around that change our drinking habits for better –usually for worse.

For better:Hard sodas and spiked seltzers, wine in a can, chocolate and coffee stout

For worse:Buttered popcorn, Sriracha, Swedish Fish or Glazed Donut flavored vodka

But today, I’m happy to report that the news coming your way is more awesomethan any pickleback shot or sake bomb you’ve ever had. You ready for it?

Milestone #1.

Calling all nervous flyers: We can now order draftbeer on an airplane.

Yes! A draft beer is like a fountain soda — 12x better than any bottle or can you’ll ever drink.And, it can sometimes be a rarity, like in the perfect scenario of being aboardan aircraft flying 35,000 feet above your favorite brewery or growler fill station.

I can’t believe someone hasn’t gotten to the bottom of this invention sooner. Drinking a draft is so rewarding, and this it not exclusive to the craft beer connoisseurs out there. Even a Miller Lite tastes crisper, cleaner and more fresh when it’s poured straight from the tap.

For those scaredy cattravelers out there, it might be worth the $14 nip of Tito’s vodka with a splash of cranberry juice and two tiny ice cubes in a plastic cup. But for some of us who just want to get a little loose and enjoy the ride, it seemsmore reasonable to shell out a few less dollars for a reliably smooth beer on tap.

The only downsideis that this breakthrough comes from a Dutch airline called KLM who’s scored an exclusive partnership with Heineken, but the hope is that we cop this technology ASAP in the good ol’ USA.

Milestone #2.

Sick of waiting in line at the bar for another drink? Introducing the Bluetooth ice cube, AKA your best friend.

This one ispretty unreal. An Italian alcohol brand called Martini has invented a Bluetooth activated ice cube that alerts your bartender when you’re in need of a new drink. Instead of waiting at the bar getting elbowed by girls in off-the-shoulder dresses cutting the line, your bartender will receive a signal via an App that lets them know it’s time to prepare you a refill.

The ice cube knows your exact location, so don’t worry your tipsy little head –the drink is coming to you this time. There’s no point in me going 2BD on this one when the videoexplains it all (and gets you super excited about the possibilities when this comes toa bar near you). But shhhhhh don’t tell your wallet just yet, because this technology is sure to hike up your bar bill due tothe increasedquantity you’ll be able to drink.

An invention like this hits too close to home knowing know that summer’s over and some of our best drinking days have come to a seasonal end. But, there’s also nothing worse than making your way through a sweaty, crowded bar in December for a roundBud Heavy’s that can now be delivered to your sticky tabletop.



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