Hillary Clinton Fainted And Everyone Needs To Shut Up About It

A new videohas made full circuit around the web of Hillary Clinton stumbling getting into her car and, with all politics aside, everyone needs to shut up about it.


Like any political race, the opposition will use all ammunition against candidates to deteriorate their image and reputation. Emails and Benghazi have been the Right’s M.O. for just about the entire stretch of the campaign, and the GOP recently added that Hillary is too sick to be President. The Left’s M.O has been Trump’s racist remarks, lack of evidential policies, and really anything he ever tweets.

Both Clinton and Trumphave been working relentlessly on the campaign trail since April 2015. That’s a year and a half of intense work ethics, traveling, and curating every move and word to avoid backlash from the entire world wide web. Yet here we are again.

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The video has circulated tens of millions of times in the matter of hours and has added a new ball of newspaper to the fire that is Hillary’s alleged fading health. Again, with politics aside, this incident is no legitimate proof of Hillary being unfit to serve as President which is whyeveryone needs to shut upabout it.

Clinton, a human being, fainted from dehydration after spending 2 hours outside on a sunny 82 degree day in NYC. I, too, would faint considering the fact I can’t make it from the parking garage to my office without at least some evidence of butt sweat during summertime in New York. Not to mention we know Hillary is the pinnacle of the pantsuit, which is in no way favorable to hot weather. And, last but not least, she has pneumonia.

As stated earlier, Hillary has also been on the road for the past year and a half. Have you ever been on the road for that long? I once spent 5 months on the road in 2015 and it is tough to sustain proper health no matter how well you treat yourself. Given Hillary’s amenities are probably a little bit nicer than what I had, the constant nuisance of moving and flying and exposing yourself to different environments and foods is a constant gamble with one’s well being.

I am consistently impressed seeing both Hillary and Trump on the Today Show at 7AM and then debating that night at 9PM. Considering the fact that the first thing I do when I wake up is plan when I can nap, I really canonly imagine the endurance of these two humans that is represented in their race to the White House.

However, Hillary has shown the affects of her pneumonia over the past couple of weeks and the non-supporters are having a field day with it. But in the end, Clinton and Trump are 68 and 70 years old, respectively. What will you be doing when you turn 68? Retiring? Our Presidentialcandidates are senior citizens, not super heroes, and health-related issues are inevitable for people their age. And what are you going to do when you get pneumonia? Probably take two weeks off from work to rejuvenate, per doctor’s orders? Not Hillary, who has proven her toughness by committing to her aggressiveschedule despite being under the weather. After fainting, she slept at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment for two hours, emerged, and addressed the public in good spirits and then went home where she plans to spend the next two days resting up.

It doesn’t take rocket science to comprehend that this medical spellis by no means indication that Hillary as a human is unfit to serve as President of the United States. Anybody using this incident as reasoning against her is simply short on material and incapable of understanding the concept of basic health needs. And, arguingthat 82 degree weather shouldn’t make you pass out, is irrelevantunless you’re a 68 year old woman in a pantsuit.Even Donald Trump has said nothing but condolences to Hillary, saying “I don’t know anything about it but I hope she gets well soon.”








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