The NFL Is Raising Awareness For The Colorblind With These New Uniforms

The NFL has given all 32 teams a new makeover for color blindness awareness. Their first attempt was last year, however it was not hugely successful with the colorblind community. They still had trouble deciphering between the two teams. So the NFL decided to invest more time this year into working out the kinks so that every viewer can root for the right team.

Why? Around 8% of males and .5% females have trouble differentiating between certain colors. Color blindness is a tricky handicap to explain to people who don’t suffer from it. It’s not always complete black and white vision, but having two or three different colors that look the same to you such as red and green.

Here’s a picture that has been altered to show what color blind people see. And this isn’t just a normal game, this is from last year’s color rush game. Clearly it was not very efficient.


This isn’t an inter squad scrimmage, those are two completely different teams playing against each other. Last year’s NFL color rush jersey’s were described by a color blind fan as “grey with white trim…the two teams basically blended together.”

Well the NFL heard the fans loud and clear and wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy these special Thursday night football jerseys. So the NFL’s official jersey sponsor, Nike, decided to call on color blind experts to ensure that each team had a unique full color jersey that was different from any opponent they would play against. No matter how ugly some of them are, now all color blind people can rejoice. Here’s the layout:


And here’s the NFL’s new line-up in action. Which may also be used as the cover art for their new mix tape titled “Can You See Me Now”


And here’s famous actor Judd Nelson dressed in a head to toe Andrew Luck jersey as he recreates his famous scene from the Breakfast Club.


Man colors are neat. These jerseys will be used during every Thursday night game for the rest of the 2016-17 season.



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