Harry Potter And The Muggle’s Real Estate Market

We have great news for you muggles out there.†No, itís not your acceptance letter from Hogwarts, but it could possibly be the next best thing. 4 Privet Drive is up for grabs.

You too can sleep in the cupboard under the stairs as Harry did for the small fare of $620,000. The legendary home from the film is located in the quiet suburban town of Bracknell, just 25 miles from London.

Now before all you potter-heads get carried away there has been some changes to the original house to keep up with the times. The interior of the home has just gone through renovations and is much more modern compared to what it looked like in the film. But†above all, the cupboard under the stairs still stands small, so if you reside here, you have somewhere to put your family’s black sheep until they turn into a wizard and leave for school.


If youíre just trying to buy this house for one ultimate Harry Potter party, you might have to use your imagination with the new look of the place. There is however plenty of room in the backyard for you to get all the lads over for a game of Quidditch.

dursley house 4.jpg

There have been three owners of the house since the movie was first released in 2001 with the price going up gradually each time. It has turned over so many times probably because of the†abundance of tourists viewing the house. Closer to the film there were daily tour busses of fascinated muggles, fortunately that has toned down, and it is reported to be a quiet residence now except for around major holidays.

Even for a minor fan like myself the house seems pretty nice. I could see myself packing up my things, heading over the pond, and buying this sweet piece of real estate. Maybe that will get Emma Watson to finally return my calls.



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