Let Me Talk Fashion: Premature Fall Attire

I know the feeling. The feeling first felt in elementary school when summer vacation is at its end and the smell of fresh pencils and plastic lunch boxes fill the aisles at Walmart well before Labor Day.And of course, you hit the mall with Mama in August to snag some fresh new looks so you’re riding back on the school bus with style. But wait! Now your closet is full with turtlenecks andcorduroys and it’s not even fall.

Yes, yes, the mornings have a chill in the air as you slip-slide your Converse on the dewy grass and carry the blades through the long school hallway, but is it worth busting out those new seasonal threads so farin advance? Not to mention by 12pm the playground is 81 degrees.

Fall attire is a tough look to pull off, but elementary school me was so, so guilty. And I think a lot of us young adults/adults are, too — and for good reason. We are eager to retire our summer wardrobe which we woreoften, sweated in even more, all in allmaking us want to ditch them and break out the long sweaters, flannels and bootiesASAP.I blame Pumpkin Spice for rushing fall and pushing this “trend”on all of us.

On Fashion Fridays I try to give you solutions, but today we need to discuss the do-not-do’s.

Most of us have enough fashion sense to work out a plan that eases out summer clothes and breaks out some key fall pieces one by one, slooooowly but surely. However if you have the below items in your closet, I must ask you a favor. PLEASE be sensible, responsible and only wear thesewhen the time is right, because it’s too easy to rush.

Can’t figure out when the time is right? Check the weather and observe your surroundings. “If you’re not first, you’re last” does not apply here. Just take a deep breath and think for a second.I promise you’ll feel and look way better.

Tall, warm boots (particularly UGG)

If you’re an adult and still wearing UGG boots in public, we should probably have a separate conversation. But whatever, if you do have them and you’re wearing them before there’s snow on the ground, you might need to seek some serious medicalhelp. Do you know what’s inside of those things? WARM, FUZZY FUR. There is no need for your feet to be swimming in fuzz in the early fall.

Secondly, knee high boots are also not appropriate right now. I know they’re sexy and exciting, but it’s just not time. Save these for your post-Thanksgiving going out outfit when only leggings will fit you and these sleek boots will help hide the rest.

Bulky scarves

I shouldn’t have to explain myself here. Scarves can be worn year-round, so let’s not give up our handkerchief styles too early to show offthe fruits of yourgrandma’s wintertime labor. Scarves do fall into that safety zone where you can easily give your look some extra flair by adding oneas anaccessory, but it’s not even cold enough at your cousin’s Pop Warner football game to so heavily protect your neck from the elements.


Leggings and long sweaters

This comes last because I know it hurts the most. Hopefully those of you who would be upset to learn this info don’t even make it this far into my post. But I hope you do, because I have your best interest in mind.

Leggings and long sweaters are a fall and winter classic. The perfect pair. BUT it’s lazy. Don’t give up on your style just yet! The dull, dreary months sometimes leave us uninspired and wanting the easiest, socially acceptablelook we can pull together. All the stretchiness, all the cozy bundled up into one look.

I highly recommend you ride it out without defaulting to this style too early into the fall/winter months. Because once you go there, you ain’t ever going back. Not until the snow is melting and it’s time to switch out your Bailey’s and hot chocolate for a springtime margarita.






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