Monday Motivation: At Least You’re Not This Person Failing To Get The Momentum Going With A Beach Ball

When you think of a Styx concert at Mid-Hudson Civic Center, you think of classic rock, an abundance of hairspray, and a bunch of middle aged fans with a passion for rockin’ out. Well all of these things are correct, although they may be past their wild phase whether they care to admit it or not.


Then one fan wanted to re-live the glory days of partying with what else other than the classic beach ball bounce around. That’s what gets the people goin’ – everyone knows that a concert isn’t a concert until either beach ball is bounced around all the way until the stage, or two drunk middle aged men get into a scuffle over who made who spill their 24oz can of Budweiser that got all over their wife, man

This lady saw the lituation brewing and decided to act as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it was probably best if she just sat down and put up a Mom Facebook status.

We’re so glad Poughkeepsie’s 101.5 WPDH caught the attempt on video. Without it we wouldn’t be able to prepare ourselves for when we’re older at a Fetty Wap concert trying to get a twerk off going and it just ends up being one couple who pulls something and watches the concert from the medical tent.


She might have jumped the gun on starting the bounce. If I was her I would have waited for “Come Sail Away” to start.



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