Late Night In The Morning – A Heckler Interrupts Stephen Colbert’s Show, Nails Topical Humor

Late Night In The Morningprovides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Stephen Colbert (The Late Show/CBS) has his show interrupted by a heckler.

In honor of legendary turn of events at last week’s Ryder Cup whenRory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan took multiple cracks at a 12-foot during a practice round. David Johnson, of Mayville, North Dakota, spoke upsaying he could make the putt.

“Of course, I yell out, ‘I could make the putt,’ heckling them a little bit,” Johnson said. “And Henrik Stenson called me out.”He pulled Johnson from the gallery and Justin Rose laid a $100 bill right next to the ball, daring Johnson to make it.

The rest will live on in Bro-Bible history, and most certainly as the most epic moment of David Johnson’s existence.

That happened on Thursday, but apparently that wasn’t enough juice for Johnson, who made his way to NYC to cause more havoc. This time at the Ed Sullivan Theatre and it goes like this:


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