518 Man Breaks In To His Neighbor’s Home To Save Their Dog From A Fire He Was Imagining While Tripping On Acid

It’s always exciting when a story this ridiculous comes up in our own damn backyard. But for one 518 family, the ridiculousness happening in their backyard was their actual backyard, and involved their neighbor who was four buttons deep on an Acid trip. On Thursday night, aHalfmoonman allegedly broke into his neighbor’s house after driving his BMW through their fence to save the family dog from a fire. But there was no fire, troopers say he was on LSD and hallucinating.

Sounds like the acid worked.

Troopers say 43-year-old Michael Orchard told them he mixed LSD with cough medicine, Thursday afternoon. And they found him, standing heroically with a dog in his arms outside of what he thought was a giant inferno.


What Michael Was Seeing

“He believed that the residence was on fire. And he was rescuing the dog,” the Trooper said.

Neighbors say he was running around the neighborhood banging on doors yelling about a fire. But then nobody would help him, because there was no fire, so the animal lover took matters into his own hands. He allegedly drove his black BMW through the neighbor’s fence (instead of opening it?) and the smashed through their back door and went inside to save his family’s large white dog.

The best part of it all? Troopers can’t charge him for driving because he had no drugs on his possession and he drove across yards to get to the house, while never touching the road. Also, the dog was unharmed, and I’m sure their owners can rest easy at night knowingthat like a good neighbor, Mike Orchard will be there to save your dog.


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