A Brief History Of The Water Bottle Flip Challenge

Thousands of people have tried, but not all have succeeded in completing this captivating task. The phenomenon that recently went viral across social media has been taking the Internet by storm. Some might say that the challenge is overrated or that human beings are too easily amused, but c’mon, have you tried it?!


The gizmo used in the new phenomenon, also used for drinking water

What I’m talking about is of course the water bottle flip challenge. Let me be clear, this isn’t a mindless task but just the opposite: a fully engaged application of human inventiveness with the decisive reward of looking really, really cool.

The water bottle flipping trend came to the limelight earlier this year when a high school senior, Mike Senatore, decided that instead of singing or dancing at the school talent show, he would perform an epic water bottle flip. And so it began.


The thirty second video of Mike heroically flipping a bottle of water on a table and the crowd going nuts spread across the Internet. After getting over 6 million views on YouTube, the student’s talent became an overnight sensation.

Senatore even got to make an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to show off his unique skill. He proved that this was a serious talent because guess what: he was able to flip the bottle and once again, the crowd went insane.

Senatore is practically the reason why plastic water bottles can’t be looked at by the world the same way again.

Hilarious videos of all kinds of different people attempting the challenge (and often failing) started trending on social media. Whether it was a little boy who could flip four at once or someone’s grandma who just couldn’t get it to land right side up, it quickly became quality entertainment for the internet age, and hey, also got some kids to play outside.

satisfying flip bottle

Believe it or not, the challenge is really, well, challenging. I spent one night watching one of my best friends try to flip a water bottle with one foot and it took her two hours before any sort of accomplishment. Then after that, we just sat around trying to flip them on top of every table, chair or shelf we could find. Don’t laugh, because we really had fun and the process may be slightly addicting.


We’re not the only ones who too aim at this trend, Dude Perfect also went viral on YouTube earlier this year when they created their own water bottle flipping challenges.

The five guys (and their penguin stuffed animal) got 32 million views over the summer for their collection of water bottle flipping tricks, which include the “The Up-And-Over,” “The Skateboard Swisher,” and ”The Big Bottle Truck Flip.”

Whether that took them two tries or two years, it’s still very impressive. We now live in a world with competitive bottle flipping, and it really makes me wonder what will be next.


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