4-Year-Old Who “Married” Her Nurse At Albany Medical Center Celebrates Final Chemo Treatment

From the 518 and beyond, it’s hard to forget the story of Abby Sayles, the 4-year-old from Schaghticoke who “married” her nurse while receiving cancer treatment at Albany Medical Center.

For those just learning about this story, Abby was a patient battling leukemia for the past two years at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at Albany Med. The staff members were immediately charmed by her, and although Abby got along great with everyone who cared for her, nurse Matt Hickling was definitely her favorite.

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One day, the little girl decided to propose to her crush, and he graciously said yes. Their “wedding” was put together by the staff in under 24 hours and held inside Albany Medical Center. The 4-year-old bride had her other nurses as bridesmaids, a bouquet of flowers, cake and the man of her dreams waiting for her on the other side of the room waiting to seal the deal with a Ringpop.

If that doesn’t melt your heart into a puddle, I don’t know what does.

The video of their small and incredibly sweet hospital ceremony was posted on Facebook and it quickly spread across the Internet afterwards.

Matt’s Post to Facebook:


That occurred last summer when Abby had an uncertain future while undergoing treatment. But want to hear what Abby is up to now? She recently celebrated her “best day ever” as she received her last chemo treatment! Per Abby’s Facebook support page:

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Since beginning treatment for leukemia, Abby has swallowed 1,652 pills, went through 18 spinal taps and 12 transfusions between blood and platelet.

Oh, and did I mention she’s only four?

Now I’m thinking about me whining about the hassle of swallowing Advil whenever I have a headache or the week I spend complaining about getting my annual flu shot.

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Abby may only be four years old, but for half of those years she has been fighting for her life. Not everyone beats this disease, but Abby strength and “the support of her Husband” made miracles happen. She’s tougher than I think I’ll ever be.

By the end of this year, 60,140 people are expected to die of leukemia, but fortunately Abby will not be one of them. She now has the chance to live a normal life outside of the hospital walls, where her friends will not only be nurses and chemotherapy will be only a distant memory.

Now the real question, will the Ringpop love of Abby and Matt last? To the pleasure of everyone supporting Abby, only time will tell.

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