M&M’s Is Adding A New Flavor To Their Permanent Lineup. Drum Roll, Please…

Mars candy company has just announced some big news. One of their most popular treats, M&Mís, will be getting a new flavor. And that flavor is…


Caramel Filling.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 1.14.08 PM.png

I donít care how big of a threat this is to America’s ever-expanding waistline, I could not be any more excited for caramel M&M’s. This comes at a crucial time in American history, I must say. We have been going through some tough times as our nation divides into two sides like a middle school dance. Itís time we have something bring together the fat kid in all of us.


For the first time in the 75-year history of the brand, the candy company is embracing a caramel filling that will become a permanent member of the M&M family. This will add a fourth crucial category into the candy line-up. Others include crispy (pretzel), smooth (milk, peanut butter, and dark chocolate) and nutty (peanut).


Hank Izzo, VP of research and development of Mars Chocolate, said ďthe brand regularly plays around with size, shape, color and texture. But caramel was especially of interest to the company in recent years.Ē

Good job, Hank.

The concept even took 5 years to research before they actually got it right. “It was a big technological challenge for us,” said Izzo. “We never before had a M&M lentil with a true soft center, so we had to figure out how to not make the chocolate too sticky or too soft that it could collapse.Ē


Talk about a sticky situation.

Caramel (or Car-mel ) M&M’s†may†be the future of candy. Listen, they spent $100 million on this project so this ain’t no joke. Adding caramel to the center is such a task they†hired 70 more employees just to finish the production.

Although this may have kicked off the waterworks in your mouth,†don’t get too excited yet. Caramel M&M’s won’t hit the market until May, 2017. “Because it is a brand new production, we’re still in the process of finishing the manufacturing setup for the caramel M&M’s,” said Izzo.

Who knew caramel cores were so damn complicated? Oh well, I’ll wait.




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