Late Night In The Morning – Cher Performs Her 1965 Hit “I Got You Babe” With Modern Lyrics, “I Got You Bae”

Late Night In The Morning†provides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: James Corden performs a duet to Cher’s 1965 classic “I Got You Babe” with†a modern twist.

The iconic singer, 70, received a standing ovation as she walked out on stage in a red sequin dress and feather coat. She revealed that she would be belting out the tune with the Corden, who is no stranger to working the biggest names in music into his sketches.

It makes me happy James parodied a Cher song with Cher instead of doing a carpool karaoke. This is genuinely funny and quite legendary, carpool karaoke is the exact opposite. Unpopular opinion, I know,†don’t @ me.

Corden, 38, even dressed like the Grammy-winning star by rocking a metallic top, leather jacket and wig.

“James, what are you doing? Why are you dressed as Cher?” she asked.

“Itís a Sonny and Cher song, and I just thought I could be Cher,” Corden said.

“Yeah, but out of the two of us what makes you possibly think you can be Cher?” she teased. “I mean, I’m literally Cher.”

He replied: “Exactly, it’s a bit obvious, but look I’ve committed to it now.”

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