Saratoga Businesswoman Says Trump Treated Her Like ‘A Perfect Gentleman’ – Her Husband Says Otherwise

A Saratoga businesswoman and socialite, Maureen Lewi, is speaking up on behalf of Donald Trump amidst the numerous allegations about his sexual misconduct throughout the course of his career. Maureen has worked with Trump, and she is now claiming he acted like “a perfect gentlemen.”

However, her late husband, Ed Lewi, told a different story.


Ed & Maureen Lewi

Maureen served as Executive Vice President for 30 years at the Clifton Park-based PR firm, Ed Lewi Associates, Inc. The company has done business with Trump on multiple occasions throughout their career. On one occasion the couple was invited on board his yacht in Atlantic City to celebrate the Tour de Trump, a bike race starting and ending in Albany.


When the couple arrived to the VIP cocktail hour, Trump greeted the Lewi’s and proceeded to invite just Maureen on a tour below the decks, where the bedrooms were.

“It was just the two of us looking at seven bedrooms and bathrooms and he had every opportunity to grope me,” said Lewi, who was 42 years old during the 1989 yacht tour, the same age as Trump at the time. “He was a perfect gentleman.”

Anyways, Maureen’s husband, the notable PR legend Ed Lewi, tells a different story of the occasion in his 2014 memoir, “A Wild Ride: Bears, Babes and Marketing to the Max.”

“When he (Trump) greeted us, he gave me a quick handshake and planted a big kiss — that lasted perhaps a moment too long, I felt — on the lips of Maureen and he immediately whisked her off for a private tour of his enormous vessel.”

He described Trump as “a handsy fellow” as he watched him disappear into a stateroom with his wife, feeling a bit uncomfortable “that The Donald had his right arm wrapped firmly around my wife’s waist.”
What man in his right mind would NOT be anxious over the fact Donald Trump just whisked your girl away to the bedroom area? And of course, Trump’s current wife Ivana was absent from the event.
When Maureen was asked about her husband’s side of the story, she stated:

“He may have kissed me on the mouth. I honestly don’t remember. He didn’t put a sexual move on me. I would remember that, I can see how his imagination ran wild because it was little a disconcerting to see your wife take off with Donald Trump to the bedroom area,”

I wonder why…


Trump bought the yacht at a distressed price of $30 million in 1987 from the Sultan of Brunei. The yacht features five decks, a helipad, a pool with a water jet, a screening room and 800-film library, sleeping quarters for a crew of 52 and 14 fuel tanks that allow it to travel 8,500 miles without refueling.

Buzzfeed and other sources reported Trump was forced to unload the yacht for about $20 million in 1991 to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal under pressure from creditors when Trump was more than $900 million in debt.

Trump and bin Talal have tangled on Twitter in a public feud that began when Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the country.

However Ed recalled fonder memories of his time with Trump, with stories that somewhat humanized the mogul. He talked about a National Museum of Dance gala in the mid-1990s that Trump attended in Saratoga with his second wife, Marla Maples.

The food was late, the guests were all hot and bothered because the air-conditioning was not working, so Trump led social-revolt to a nearby fast-food restaurant. At Trump’s incline, Ed Lewi drove the Trumps, Merv Griffin and Eva Gabor to a nearby Boston Market in black tie and formal ball gowns.

As chauvinistic as Trump can be, that Boston Market story makes it seem like he’d be a good guy to go a few buttons deep with. But then again I just can’t see myself ever turning down an opportunity to eat Boston Market mac and cheese, but that’s just me.

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