Late Night In The Morning – Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Revisit Their Time At Camp Winnipesaukee As Teens

Late Night In The Morning provides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Go To Camp Winnipesaukee.

It ain’t no secret, Fallon and Timberlake have a bromance we all wish we could be a part of. It’s always a party when Justin goes on the show, and one recurring bit they do is reflecting on their time as teens as Camp Winnipesaukee. This time the duo sing “Ironic” while trying to dodge the strict ordinance of the camp counselor, Mr. Fletcher.

It’s 7 minutes of us laughing and them trying not to laugh. It’s a live bit and it will put a smile on your face. Check it here:



Watch more of the greatness that is Fallon/Timberlake




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