Why I’m Already In Love With Lady Gaga’s New Album “Joanne”

The Queen is back and she’s ready to slay us again with another kick-ass album, Joanne.


For the American icon’s fifth album, many people were surprised to see her channeling her country side with tracks like “John Wayne,” and “A-Yo.” I’ll admit that the music is a bit different than her previous records. Some of the songs are more laid-back than her older hits like “Born This Way” or “Just Dance.” However, this album is much more personal to Gaga and the songs consist of much more than catchy beats to play at the club.


To promote the album, Lady Gaga went on a three-stop promotional tour known as the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour. Her second performance in a New York City bar was streamed live on Facebook.

This was a special performance where Gaga got personal with the audience, which was filled with her close friends and celebrities alike. She also spoke of very intimate details into to her life which are ultimately the inspiration for the album, Joanne.

Gaga named the record after her Father’s late Sister. Although she died before the singer was born, she has had a huge impact on her family. Joanne died at the age of 19 from lupus and she was a sexual assault survivor, an issue that is important Gaga that she has repeatedly spoken out against. You go, girl.

Although the singer never got the chance to meet her Aunt, Joanne has still been a huge inspiration for her work, so it only felt natural to name such a powerful record after such a powerful inspiration.


The singer also shared the story about her close friend Sonja who, like her late Aunt, is fighting for her life at a young age.

In the middle of the concert, to introduce the song “Grigio Girls” Gaga spoke,

“I wrote this song about my dear friend Sonia who’s here with us tonight…Sonja has stage four cancer and it’s in her brain and in her lungs and in her breasts. But look at her face. She’s in such good spirits and she’s so beautiful… I hope that this message spreads all around the world. To spread love and compassion and healing to people around you and to not be afraid of deep things because people are suffering and they need to know that you care.”

Sometimes, Gaga explained, she and her other friends would get together for a girls night without Sonja so they could drink wine and cry without her knowing. Hence the title, “Grigio Girls.” They all wanted to support her as best they could, and that was one way in which they coped.

There’s a million reasons why people are obsessed with the album, as well as myself. And that probably explains why Joanne has become Gaga’s fourth no. 1 album.


Did I mention it just came out last week? And it’s already no. 1? Yeah, like I said, she’s Queen.

Gaga has not announced any upcoming tour dates yet, but in the meantime you can download her album here. And for the sake of the Queen, let’s keep our eyes peeled and stay hopeful that tour dates are on the way.

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