Hamilton The Musical to Release a Star-Studded Mixtape

Can a mixtape and a Broadway show really go together? It sure is a weird question to ponder, but Hamilton the Musical is about to give us the answer.


In case you haven’t been on social media over the past year, Hamilton is a hit musical based on the life and death of the American founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Yes, the plot may sound boring or give you unwanted flashbacks to your high school social studies class, but the show has actually revolutionized Broadway because nothing like this has ever been done before


The entire show is comprised of upbeat hip-hop and rap songs, so needless to say it’s not traditional at all. Like the music, a large fraction of the show has been modernized.

Instead of white, powered wigs the cast wears their hair the same way we do today. The characters aren’t afraid to drop an “F” bomb or two and they frequently break out their hip-hop dance moves.

Even though it hit Broadway over a year ago, people are still going nuts over awesome rap battles between historic political figures and the love story between Alexander Hamilton and his beloved Eliza Schuyler.

I also think we can all agree that history class would’ve been much more easier to study for if we knew that George Washington was probably spitting bars when he was chopping down a cherry tree!

Despite the fact that leading roles from the original cast left a few months ago, it’s still a sensation. Tickets are still over $400, so there goes rent!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and former star of the show, has been working on another Hamilton-related project for years. At the beginning of next month, Atlantic records is releasing a mixtape for  Hamilton the Musical. You know, like all the cool rappers and hip-hop artists have.


Basically, Miranda let a bunch of our favorite artists take the songs from the show, interpret them and remix them into something of their own. Performers such as Usher, Sia, Andra Day, Queen Latifah, Wiz Khalifa, John Legend, Chance the Rapper and more will make appearances on the album to blow us all away. Here’s the full line-up.


Who knows, maybe mixtapes will come out for shows like The Phantom of the Opera and Fiddler On The Roof!? Something tells me this is still only the beginning for Miranda and his creative mind. So Lin, I guess (musical) history has its eyes on you yet again…


If you’re wondering what to expect, the cover art and two songs have already been released on Spotify. And it’s fire.

Kelly Clarkson put her spin on “It’s Quiet Uptown” and The Roots, Nate Ruess, Joell Ortiz and Busta Rhymes made their own version of “My Shot.”

C’mon, how can you say no to this?

Unfortunately, the rest of the album won’t be out until December 2nd, so we’ll just have to wait for it.


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