A High School Senior From Upstate Appeared On Ellen Today

Bethlehem native and current high school senior, James Charles, continues to push his legacy as the first male CoverGirl

Charles has since soared beyond the 518 soaking up the reigns. He is part of their So Lashy mascara campaign alongside Sofia Vergara, Beyoncé protégés Chloe and Halle Bailey and Katy Perry.

On Monday, the 17-year-old makeup artist graced the Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared how he secured the landmark opportunity, which happened to be picture day at Bethlehem Central in Bethlehem, New York.

He explained, how in an attempt to look extra “glam” for picture day, he woke up early to prep, but was very disappointed in the way the shoot came out. So he did what all glamorous people do, he requested a re-shoot and brought out the ring light.

The teen came out to his parents at age 12. “They were so incredibly accepting,” he says, adding that people at school and his broader community were also supportive. “I know it’s definitely very challenging for a lot of different people so I was very thankful to have a pretty easy situation.”

Regardless, it doesn’t really matter what the people in Bethlehem think because now it’s James vs. the universe.

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