Cris Collinsworth Is Not To Be Trifled With

Bill Simmons September 25th, 1969 – November 14th, 2016

Time of death: 4:11 pm est

Cris Collinsworth wandered into the mean streets of the internet and punched Bill Simmons right in his face.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved Grantland, love the Ringer, I love Simmon’s podcast, but Simmons short-lived HBO show was god awful and Collinsworth isn’t afraid to piss all over the grave ofAny Given Wednesdaybefore the body is even cold.

A textbook definition of an internet fatality and something the children of the future will be schooled about for generations to come. The flawless execution of this savage movecannot be understated.


Even though Cris had the decency to delete the tweet it justadds insult to injury. It’s like when you’d get in a fight with your friend as a kid and make him cry then need to apologize profusely instead of gloating in his face.

But the fact remains that the responses will live on and only time can heal the pain brought on by this burn.

PS when Gif Jif hits you with a haymaker you know it’s time to log off.

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