Nickelodeon Brings Back ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ as a Movie

Legends of the Hidden Temple ran on Nickelodeon from 1993-1995, and continues to possess a huge cult following. I wasn’t even comprehending television by ’95, but I’m part of that cult. When I reflect upon my childhood, Legends of the Hidden Temple seemed to play a vital role for something that only existed for 2 years. So god bless re-runs.

The show was 30 minutes of action packed anxiety watching relatable contestants fight their way through the temple, guided by Olmec (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) and host Kirk Fogg.


On November 26th, the Saturday following Thanksgiving, the Temple will reopen after a 20 year hiatus with a new TV movie surrounding the iconic ’90s game show. Films have been adapted from various mediums, but a game show adaptation hasn’t really been done before — and yet, as Fogg and Baker explained, this particular game show is actually perfect for a movie.

“Well, it’s funny because back in the day, people would be obsessed with Gilligan’s Island or something like that … but this was a show where I felt like everybody really felt like they had a shot at doing it,”

Fogg noted that the game combined brains and brawn — unlike Nickelodeon’s Guts — which gave contestants a better chance of succeeding. Plus, kids were immediately drawn to one of the six teams, such as the Orange Iguanas. On Nick Arcade, you were simply on the Yellow Team or the Red Team, neither of which people regularly dress up as for Halloween. However, you will see Silver Snakes or Green Monkeys wandering around a Comic Con every year.

Here is the trailer for the movie where Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of Olmec, utters his famous catchphrase — “The choice is yours, and yours alone.”




You better bring this up at Thanksgiving before Uncle Danny brings up Trump.

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