Some Exquisite Retail Therapy Options To Get You Through The Week

Now that the election is over and people continue to sulkacross the nation and world, it’s time for retail giants to instill hope and excitement the only way they know how –by advertisingnew productsand inventions that have justhit the market.

Because hey, when almost all aspects of your life and future feel uncertain, we turn to spending money and buying things to make ourselves feel good.

It is a fact that sadness can cause people to spend more. Expert researchers have torturedpeople in studies (not literally) by asking them to watchsad videos. Then, they test their willingness to spend money on items like a water bottle or a coffee. As it turnsout, people were willing to spend four times as much after the video.

Thisall makessense to me now as to why starting mySunday morning watching “Soldier returns from Iraq and surprises daughter at school play” on YouTubealways results inin hitting up the mall for a solid fewhours afterward.


Being sad or upset increases ourwillingness to act in impulsive ways, which is where the term retail therapy stems from. So whether it’s a bad week at work, a nasty breakup, a fallout with a friend or an extremely unfavorable election result, buying something to boost your spirits is socially acceptable –and it’s typically a choice we don’t regret.

Depending on your state of grieving and how deep your pockets are, check out these new products that just hit the market that can cheer you up during this historic, strangely weird month of November.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes, $720


Based on a fictional product fromthe movieBack to the Future II, Nike has just released its first pair of self-lacing sneakers. With two weeks of battery life and only three hours of recharging time, you no longer have to worry about tripping yourself on undone laces or showing some skin afterbending over in a public place to lace up. There’s no doubt you’d be the cool kid on the block with these fresh, tech savvy kicks.

Oreo Candy Bars, $3.99


Did someone once say all of the best things in life come from Germany? No, I don’t think so…but thenewest invention to hit the states in the world of sweets does indeed come from there. The German chocolate brand, Milka, has teamed up with Oreo Cookies to begin offering Oreo candy bars here in the States. The first ones to come out in 2017 arethe Big Crunch Bar and the Chocolate Candy Bar, both with milky chocolate on the exterior and Oreo Cookie and bits of vanilla in the middle. Yum.

Pixel, Phone by Google, $649 (retail price)


Amidstthe excitement for the launch of thenew Apple products in fall 2016, Google also stepped into the mobile device space with its first phone, the Pixel. It’s proving to be quite the rival to the Apple iPhone7, offering unlimited photo storage, boasting the best camera yet, and a full 7-hour battery charge in just 15 minutes. Its sleek design and flashy features are tempting many loyal Apple users to make the switch andexperience something new.

Rogue Ales Yellow Snow IPA, $6.99 (22oz. bottle)


And this one might be worth buying and trying just to give you a laugh. Rogue Ales announced its new flavor for its Yellow Snow IPA beer offered duringthe winter months. At 6.2 percent alcohol-by-volume, the unique India Pale Ale is full of hops and the right amount of bitterness recommended to be paired with a hot or spicy meal.

As you can see, it doesn’t really matter what’s getting you down this time of year, just know that it’s OK to treat yourself to a small snack or a fancy new tech product to put you back in a cheery mood before the holiday season begins.

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