A Shameless Look At My Latest Binge Show

We all need a good show to binge watch, am I right? Sometimes we just need to flop down on the couch, snuggle into bed and watch 42 hours of a T.V. show. Whether it is on Hulu, Netflix, or HBO, there is always something new to watch. But where do we find the good shows? The ones that keep us engaged and coming back for more. Shows that have us itching at our skin to get home so we can binge until the sun comes up. That’s what I’m here for….

So, what’s my newest binge?



This fabulously dysfunctional family somehow has made their way into my heart. And they are exactly what the title is: Shameless. Frank, the father, is a drunk, Monica, the mother, ditched a long time ago, and the six children are left to fend for themselves. Ranging from ages 21 to infancy, Fiona, the oldest, is forced to raise her siblings alone and on her dime.


Based in the south end of Chicago, the Gallagher family faces a new struggle each day. From forgetting to pay the electric bill to Frank spending all their money on booze to gambling their money away, the Gallagher’s are in a constant struggle that may or may not resonate with viewers.

All six of them spend their entire summer working and must put $1,000 in the “squirrel fund” before winter comes. It is a revolving door in this household and when outsiders are not welcome the Gallagher’s’ make it known.


With little restrictions and no filter, this family is a loud-mouthed bomb that waits to explode each episode. This show is enough to make you think WTF?! at every possible moment.

The craziness of the household keeps me coming back for more. There is always a twist, a turn. The storyline is taking us somewhere unexpected. And I love it.  Filled with raunchy humor, sex, and family struggles we wait for the next dilemma to erupt.

But what is it that keeps me coming back for more?


Having a tight-knit family is something we often see on television. But, not often do we see the children taking care of a household and working their asses off to make ends meet. I like that. Actually, I love it.

I was raised in a middle-class family. We struggled at times, but it was never Gallagher family bad. My family may have given me a hand-out, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate a dollar. And that’s what the Gallagher’s do. They value the dollar they worked for.

The family’s struggles make you think what you would do if you were in this situation. How would you react if mom ditched and dad’s a drunk? Who do you turn to when you only have $7 to feed a family of six?


The American version of Shameless based off the long-time running U.K. show with the same name. With six seasons and a seventh in the making there are rumors that this may be their last season. I’m hoping it’s not.


If you haven’t checked it out, Shameless is available on Netflix and Showtime. But beware, there is nudity and rated R language, a lot of it.

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