New Amusement Park Lets Visitors Ice Skate Over Dead Sea Creature

JAPAN – Nothings says a day of family-friendly fun like ice skating gently over the corpses of five thousand dead sea creatures, am I right?


Well, maybe not quite, but an amusement park in Japan thought making that a reality would be a great idea.

Space World is a popular amusement park in Kitakyushu, Japan. Space World recently opened their new “Freezing Port” attraction, which included an ice skating rink with thousands of mackerel, crabs, and other types of shellfish completely frozen underneath the skater’s feet. There were also images of rays and whales underneath the ice.

The dead fish were even arranged in a pattern so they would spell out the word “hello” and form an arrow directing the visitors the right way to go.

Basically, it looked like the scene from “The Little Mermaid” where Sebastian is singing “Under The Sea,” except everyone is dead. (Sorry to hear about your friends, Ariel.)

Space World advertised the fact that this is the first time something like this has ever been done, but it wasn’t as revolutionary as the park hoped it would be. The rink was popular when it first opened, so manager, Toshimi Takeda, was taken by surprise when the park received so much backlash about the frozen sea creatures.

On the amusements park’s Facebook page, they posted photos of the new ice rink with creepy captions like “”I am d… d… drowning, s … s… suffocating.”



Space World has since deleted that post and all the other ones about “Freezing Port,” but it just hearing about it is enough to scar us for life.

People online were saying that the park had no respect for animals and it was not moral to let a bunch of people glide over fish corpses. They have a point. After all, who really wants to go ice skating, look down, and suddenly realize their moving around on a cemetery of dead animals? No thanks!


The park already apologized and also explained that the fish were already dead when they were imbedded into the ice. But rumors were spread that Space World bought and froze the fish while they were still alive just to make the ice rink, but fortunately they weren’t that cruel.

The rink has been shut down, but sadly, those little fishies are definitely long gone. There are plans to hold a memorial service for the sea creatures once they are removed from the rink.

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