The Indestructible Greeting Cards That Play Music For Hours On End

The holiday season upon us and a staple tagalong to any good gift is the undisputed greeting card. It lets you know who gave it to you, how much they love you based on the thought put into it, and money.

I myself think greeting cards are a scam, they now run you $4-5 and it’s literally a bi-fold piece of paper with something you could have written yourself but are to lazy to. So, we shepherd ourselves to the greeting card aisle and pick and choose something totally unique for your loved one created by some American Greetings writer in Cleveland.

However, I’m allowing some leeway on greeting cards with the new Joker Greeting cards that are now on the market.


These cards are for those most diabolical gift-givers as they are essentially a grenade of noise pollution and insanity, along with a quick message and a $20 bill (hopefully).

When opened, these cards play music, or a sound, and can not be shut off until the battery dies hours later. You can’t burn it, drown it, break it or stop it. In fact, when you press the “play” button that started this nuisance, the music only gets louder.

There are christmas songs and your standard Happy Birthday greetings, but then there are even more maniacal tunes like the never ending sound of a baby crying, which may be the most practical baby-shower gift of them all. There’s also my personal favorite, a card with unsuspected NSFW sounds which is perfect for your buddy’s bachelor party, or your Grandma if you want to give her a heart attack.

All this fun available for $10.99, which isn’t great considering I was complaining about the $4 standard cards, but$10 is worth the laugh this will give you from the frustration brought upon the receiver. And it seems like I’m not alone.



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