Domino’s New Delivery Guy – A Reindeer

JAPAN – Domino’s Japan is working the kinks out of their new delivery method – reindeer.

Yea, you read that right. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen or any of the others could be dropping off pizza’s too hungry customers all over Japan.



The international pizza franchise recently announced their furry friends are receiving training from the Research Center of Hokkaido to help deliver pies’ during the cold and snowy months up ahead.

“A possibility [snow] may interfere with delivery,” Domino’s Japan explained in a press release last week. “Domino’s Pizza Japan will set up a ‘Snowfall Delivery Countermeasure Room’ to promote pizza delivery by reindeer.”


The company released a video of employees attempting to tie delivery boxes onto the backs of the reindeer. Workers panicked as the boxes continued to fall right off of the furry animals’.

After numerous failed attempts, employees ditched their idea and decided a sleigh ride was more efficient. That’s what a reindeer’s job is after all, right?


But, how does it work?

A GPS tracking device is attached to the reindeer, which will allow customers to track their food delivery. The tracking device work’s similarly to their current program that tracks deliveries on bicycles, Domino’s Japan explained.

The devices allow employees to track the animals and monitor their progress.

Why Reindeer?

These sturdy furry animals are native to the cold and snowy conditions. Domino’s hopes that if roads are blocked and are un-travelable, the animals will get them through so their customers don’t have to go without pizza. Because god forbid we live a few days without pizza.

The company is still working through some kinks but hopes this Christmas-themed service will be up and running in early December. (With the cooperation of the reindeer, that is.)

Domino’s is testing out a number of delivery methods all around the world and has high hopes for this new service in Japan.

Ahead of their competition, Domino’s has been giving customers unique delivery options since last year. Twitter users were able to order a cheesy pizza just by sending a pizza emoji to @Dominos.

I just have one question, what do I leave for a tip?

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