2BD’s First Original Digital – “Pet Party”

Two Buttons Deep is anews & entertainment website aiming to grow the digital footprint of Upstate, NY. We are producing high-end original videos with the most talented people Upstate has to offer and this is our first production.

“Pet Party” is a song about the people who like pets more than people. Which isn’t a very hard position to find yourself in with the world the way it is.

This was an incredibly fun project to put together. The song was recorded at Phase One Records, and the video was shot entirely in Upstate New York.

Two pets were used in the filming: my sister’s dog Bambino and my cousin’s cat Bellatrix. Bambino was not the original cast member, however; it began with my sister’s other dog, Brody.


Brody is a little rascal American Eskimo, but I felt he would do well as the dog in this video. He’s photogenic and hyper, which is the material I was looking for. Plus, we’ve used Bambino in many projects in the past and he demands to be pampered on set, which wasn’t in our budget.

When we began the shoot, Brody had difficulty in the first scene we shot, where he hops on the couch with Xavier. After about 20 minutes of failed takes, Bambino pranced onto the set, jumped up next toXavier and struck the pose you see here:

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.12.03 PM.png

And just like that, Bambino won the role.

Starring Xavier White & Eden Neville.

xavier-white.jpgScreen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.06.10 PM.png

Written by yours truly, inspired by my dog Duke.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.59.55 PM.png

Duke has no idea this video exists:

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