Creator of Full House Buys Landmark San Francisco Home And The Neighbors Are Pissed

We all know the house. We all know it’s in San Francisco and we all know if you’re traveling near the landmark, you’re going to ‘gram it. Guaranteed love on the post that triggers the nostalgia we all have for the 90’s sitcom, Full House.


The signature gray/white base and beat red door was implemented into our memory during the intro and transitions of the show. The shots we all know this house from were actually filmed only once in 1987 and never updated. After the initial pre-production test shots, the owner of the house denied any further requests to film the home. Mainly in regard to the attention that gathered in the neighborhood which led the owner to immediately paint the door green. However, green door or red door, to this day the popularity haunts the residents of Broderick Street.

Even with an unfamiliar door, and later house color, the street averaged 250 tourists daily. Often taking up a lane while snapping pics, or even posting up in one of the few parking spots.


I’m 100% with the neighbors. That sucks. Can you image 250 people outside your house snapping pics with your entire home life in range? No way. I would have proposed a little cosmetic construction to the frontier of the home so people wouldn’t recognize it. Call up the property brothers?

Well, call them up anyways, because veteran TV Producer Jeff Franklin just bought the home and wants to restore it to the show’s heritage. He also proposed that he wants the cast to reunite and act like they actually live there, and then have a slumber party…

Does it sound like Jeff Franklin has trouble moving on from the glory days?

Maybe, or maybe he’s serious about his return with Fuller House. Streaming now on Netflix.


The series centers around D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a veterinarian and widowed mother of three sons, whose sister and best friend—the mother to a teenage daughter—provide support in her sons’ upbringings by moving in with her. They hope to film future episodes of Fuller House in the home.

Franklin dropped 4 million on the estate, and probably a lot more for a heavy makeover to a home built in 1883 to match the home we know and love. But yeah, there’s still real people on that real street and they are pissed. I don’t think Franklin will be receiving any housewarming gifts, but then again I don’t think Franklin really gives a shit.

This is why Hollywood is produced within the confines of a studio lot.



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