American Airlines Hits Turbulence With This Uncomfortable Wardrobe Malfunction

We’ve all tried on that little black dress that was priced way over our budget or bought the snazziest pair of jeans in an effort to give ourselves a new makeover. It’s usually really a fun process… until the new clothes give you headaches, hives, and burning skin.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t something we’ve all gone through, but that’s what recently happened to flight attendants from American Airlines.


In September of this year, 70,000 American Airlines employees were given updated uniforms for the first time in 30 years.

Hey, there’s always time to get back in style!

The outfits were made by the brand Twin Hill. They were designed to be more chic and sophisticated. The new uniforms for women included black long-sleeve and short-sleeve button down shirts, with a wide collar and a blue and red ascot. They also could wear a blue cardigan or a long blue jacket. The men got new, sleek black suits as well.


Unfortunately, soon after the uniforms left the runway, American Airlines and Twin Hill hit some turbulence. So far, 1,600 flight attendants have complained about getting an allergic reaction from the material, the Association for Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) said. They’ve had rashes, eye irritation, itching, and more.

Yuck, I guess that’s the real definition of a wardrobe malfunction!

American Airlines said they want employees to both look and feel good in clothes. Although some of the workers liked the modernized apparel, it isn’t really worth letting over a thousand people suffer as they’re flying in the middle of the sky.

Sure, not every uniform is flattering and it certainly can feel like a miracle when you find one that does fits well. Let’s just hope that next time no one will forget the difference between wearing something unflattering versus wearing something that makes your skin burn and gives you respiratory problems.



American Airline and APFA are currently testing the material to see what is making the clothes so toxic. Until then, the uniforms are on recall and the flight attendants were told to go back to wearing their old uniforms again.

Lesson learned: makeovers don’t always end up with high-flying results.



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