The Most Trash TIME Person Of The Year, According To The 2BD Staff Writers

The 2BD staff chooses who they believe is the most trash TIME Person of the Year.燨ne pick, everyone knows the rules.

Our Fearless Leader, Jack

Most Trash燭IME Person of the Year – Joseph Stalin (1939)


Why? It’s scary that Stalin isn’t a shoe-in for the worst ever nominee, but here’s a quick breakdown. Stalin not only rose to dictatorship and had爊ear-absolute power in the 1930s, but was responsible for theGreat Purge. In the span of two years, millions were purged燽y the police whom were consideredcounter-revolutionaries and enemies of the people by the leadership of the Soviet Union. He was also񂳊, which is what earned him the nickname, 搕he little squirt. Which also was probably the reason he actually changed from his birth name, Iosif Djugashvili爐o Stalin which means “steel.”

Man, I thought Trump could be the most trash, but at least Trump is not a narcissistic tunnel-eyed dictator seeking to eliminate a decidedly dangerous group of peop..damnit


Most Trash燭IMEPerson of the Year – Charles Lindbergh


Why? There wasn’t a memo that everyone had to pick Hitler right? And we’re sure that the Property Brothers have never been TIME Person of the Year? Ok, well, as long as those two facts are true then I nominate the very first TIME Person of the Year as the most trash, Charles Lindbergh.

First off, he was only chosen because the TIME staff was bummed out that they somehow managed not to have him on the cover after his flight across the Atlantic, one of the centuries most hardo endeavors.

Lindbergh also went on to condemn World War II, not because he loved peace, but because he believed “survival of the white race was more important than the survival of燿emocracy in Europe”…燼nd he was (obviously) viewed as a Nazi sympathizer…

The Upstate Girl, Molly

Most Trash燭IMEPerson of the Year -燗dolf Hitler (1938)


Why? Because are you fucking kidding me?

Vitamin T:

Most Trash燭IMEPerson of the Year– You (2006)


Why? You is just a lazy choice by Time. Nothing else happened in 2006 that was better than 2006 version me? I think I won a youth basketball tournament in 2006 so I guess I was a pretty big deal. Bigger than the world cup that year that’s for sure.


Most Trash燭IMEPerson of the Year -燫ichard Nixon (1971)


Why? Although I would love to name Trump as the worst person to receive this award, I can’t, because he has truly affected this country. Trump has already greatly influenced America before stepping into office, which is爉ore than some presidents have in their whole career. I cannot say that Richard Nixon did the same in 1971. Although Nixon may have worked hard that year, I don’t see anything particularly amazing about it.

WhoDatGirl, Trao:
Most Trash TIMEPerson of the Year – Endangered Planet Earth (1988)

Let’s clarify that P.O.Y stands for Planet of the Year, and not Person. It’s the most trash because the Earth does have the most trash, which is the point of the nomination, but how embarrassing would that be if we lost to a different planet? We are well aware Earth is the best planet, TIME. Check back in 50 years.

That’s it. Which TIME Person of the Year do you consider the most trash? Comment below.




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