Upstate NY Comedy Series Gets Picked Up By Amazon TV

A web series produced in the homeland of the 518 has made its way to an international broadcasting platform, Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is the latest option to clock many hours getting sucked into your favorite show, and much like everything else Amazon offers, the platform has no limitations. It airs Amazon Original Series, which is typical among independent platforms, but it also curates HBO shows, Comedy Central, Showtime, kids shows, and just about everything you could ever want to binge on. This list now includes the 518’s own, Welcome Home.

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Welcome Home is a comedy series following three failing millennials who are forced to move back home with their parents. A position all too familiar for one of the show’s creators, Bobby Chase.

Bobby told 2BD about meeting with the original creators of the show, Dan Martin, Amanda Stankavich and Justin Alvis at an Uno’s. It was there in early 2015 they formulated a plan to create a Modern Family-esque show about lost 30-year-olds being welcomed back at home in the show that came to be, Welcome Home.



After producing the first four episodes, the team shopped it around to a plethora of production companies. And although that flopped, the show began to gain traction online.

Bobby then continued producing episodes and releasing them online and has since made 7 episodes of the series. The show consists some of Upstate’s most notable talents and has since caught the eyes of many far and wide. 

The series was picked up by the Dallas-based online streaming service, Stream Now TV, where it gained another wave of notable attention. The series was listed as 1 of 5 can’t miss web series on Buzzfeed, and was nominated for “Best Comedy” at the New York State International Film Festival. This past month has been the biggest threshold for the series after making its way to Amazon Prime.

The deal puts the local series into the worldwide spotlight, and has also sent the creators of the show back to the writing boards for season 2. Bobby said he is pushing to get the show on Hulu as well. Production for season 2 is set to start early 2017.

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You can watch the show on Amazon Prime, or learn more here:

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