Jojo Is Back With A New Album Like It’s 2006 All Over Again

In the year 2006, everyone had an iPod Nano, High School Musical was just released, and MySpace was the best place to upload a new profile pic you probably took with your digital camera (unless you were lucky enough to own a camera phone).

That year, we were also given JoJo.


Do you remember JoJo? If you don’t, she’s the singer who brought us one of our favorite throwbacks like “Too Little Too Late” and “Leave (Get Out).”


Yeah, you remember her!

Ten years ago, JoJo was everywhere. She starred in movies like Aquamarine, which made every girl want to transform their legs into a fin to become a mermaid. Everyone knew the lyrics to her hit songs, too. Sadly, her fame didn’t last for very long. She faded away from the spotlight and we gave new celebrities our attention.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, JoJo is back! Yes, she’s ready to step back into the spotlight and has released a new album this fall, titled “Mad Love.”


The singer came out with a few new singles last year, but “Mad Love.” is the first full album she’s released in a decade.

JoJo came back ready to slay us all. Most of the new tracks are upbeat and ready to be played at the party, but she made sure to include some slower songs that has us all shook. Her voice is awesome and, oh boy, here comes the nostalgia.


JoJo featured other popular artists on the album. Alessia Cara is in the track “I Can Only.” and Wiz Khalifa raps in “F*** Apologies.”

More good news; she will be going on tour! The pop star making stops throughout Europe and across the United States. (She included gigs in Buffalo and New York City!)

Although nothing will ever capture our hearts quite the same way as her old music did, this album is worth listening to. It can be purchased on iTunes or streamed on Spotify

Although we don’t use iPod nanos anymore, have left Myspace abandaoned and said farewell to Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and their friends at graduation, at least we still have JoJo.



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