The 2BD Team Ranks the Best and Worst New Emojis in iOS 10.2

In case you haven’t heard (or are just too lazy to do the new update), there’s some hot new emojis in town to spice up ourconversations. From coffee mugs to pins, to clothing and cheesy pillows at the mall kiosk, emojis have taken over our lives and give us infinite ways to express ourselves in more flirty andsarcastic ways than ever before.

We got the Two Buttons Deep squad together to run throughour rankings for the best and worst new emojis. Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you think.


d9428e147914b642ad73a85f918eb7ceWhiskey Tumbler

“No I’m not an alcoholic, but I do enjoy a nice glass of whiskey every now and again. Thisemoji allows me to have fun with my (slightly bad, but not obsessive) habit and let everyone who I drunk text know that I’m drinking with alevel of style and class, ’cause real men get drunk on whiskey, right? –Tyler
Black Heart

c92e322cadd043a5551147f15c60281d“I’ve been waiting for this emoji for what feels like forever. We’ve needed an emoji that lets us communicate that we’recold or just plain heartless. Plus, black is a pretty awesome color.” –Morgan


Mrs. Claus

eb06042e44070311767277ebf47bf70b“Finally, some equality. Mrs. C is just as important as Santa Claus himself. But it’s not just this emoji that I love. A lot of new profession-based emojis were added for both male/ female roles in thenew update. I appreciatethe effort to create equality in the emoji world, because duh.” –Molly

The Shrug (x2)

“The shrug emoji was arguably the most overdue and without question 8d2cc2c1a43108301b149f7f33e1664dthe best addition. Perfect for a passive aggressive response to a statement you find particularly dissatisfying ,to sheepishly accepting a compliment when someone acknowledges how great you are. Also I will have tons of free time now that I won’t constantly be searching “Michael+Jordan+shrug+gif,” “Marshall+Eriksen+shrug+gif,” and most importantly “Jerry+Elaine+shrug+gif.” –Connor


“Why? Because it literally looks like me, and literallyisme a majority of the time. I can now properly express my most common emotion via an emoji, which is big news.” –Jack




“I will be the first one to say this is a semi-pointless emoji and will d866fa6ea1586eb0dd84388c35b2b98frarely be applicable, but it’s my favorite because it is so damnrealistic. Like are we sure thisisn’t just a photo of an egg? I love it. Totallystands out from the crowd and makes me wanna work it into my most frequently used category ASAP.” –Taylor




“I hate, hate, hate clowns. Ever since I was little I’ve hated them. Maybe it was the movie IT or maybe it was the a**hole who chased me through a haunted house when I was 15. Not sure, but I hate those creepy jerks. As if the creepy clown incident of 2016 wasn’t enough.” –Molly




“My least favorite is the girl cartwheeling. Mainly because now girls will f787fa769b2e152909338108bd11b0eccaption their cartwheeling beach pics with just this simple emoji. Girls’ Instagram captions hardly make any sense as it is, so at least this emojiof a cartwheeling girl will help describe what’s in the photo above ( a girl cartwheeling). “ –Tyler


Gorilla (or Harambe)

76c3e0ba813c0a97b5139ebeb1303794“This would have been hated 100,000x more if Harambe was still as popular as he once was, but every single “Apple Introduced A New Gorilla Emoji and You Can Probably Guess What People Are Saying!”story still fuels my hatred. No love for Harambe, no remorse for Harambe, no hand jobs for Harambe, and no emoji for Harambe. GTFO.”–Connor

Rolling on the floor laughing, or ROFL


“This face just makes no sense to me. Its eyes are shaped so it looks angry, but it’s also crying tears from laughing?! How can someone laugh and be angry at the same time? Maybe the eyes are just shut really tight (don’t ask me why), but I feel a little uncomfortable whenever I scroll by it.”–Morgan
37180ede604a3d129561fd9cb5f0009d“There are no favorablescenarios where a coffin emoji should be used. Not one. Nope. Stupid people will use it to reference that they’re “dead” in response to something so funny. Or maybe just psycho people will throw this emoji out there (followed by the recipient alerting the authorities due to potentially badforeshadowing). Would you Instagram at a funeral and use this? No, none of these should be a thing, but it is the wild World Wide Web after all so let’s anticipate it.” –Jack
fce2515bd75abb64e75fc43b9e9b5157“This is just gross and looks oddly inappropriate (you can let your imagination run freeon thatone). The whole face, from eyes to eyebrows to mouth, looks like this little guy is quite satisfied and it’s a little freaky. If I had to guess, maybe he’s just hyped about all of the awesome new food emojis out there and is salivating at the thought. Itisa close tie for the worst between this and the gross, green vomiting face.” –Taylor



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