I Hope My Life/Obituary Is Half As Awesome As Chris Connors’


Death is a very peculiar thing. There’s no handbook on how to deal with itjust as there is no handbook on how to deal with a newborn. Bad example. But anyways, when it comes to death and time to writing an obituary, a majority of Americans choose conservative reflections on their life. You get the classic where they grew up, who in their family still remains, whose already dead, what they liked to do, and what you can do in lieu of flowers.

It has become a pretty mundane recognition for somebody that put a lot of years into developing their reputation, for better or for worse. But then, every few years pops up what I call an “honest” obituary, which I believe is how they should be written. It’s too easy to leave out a lot of flavor from one’s life, and I tip my cap to the family of Chris Connors for seeing the light of the situation and creating an obituary that reflected Chris as the legend that he was.


Chris was noted for a failed attempt to sail around the world, taking his professional boxing skills to the streets in ridiculous fashion, and after his brother died in the September 11 attacks, Connor biked 530 miles to visit all three of the place crash sites.


He was a “birth control tester” which failed three times (he has three children). Connors also notably partied his face off util his final days, where his daughter found him literally drinking whiskey buck naked with his hospice nurse in a bikini…

You can’t make this shit up. RIP, Connors.




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