Fourth Graders Sing A Rap About Long Division And Math Actually Seems Fun

Sometimes, elementary school really sucked. Don’t get me wrong, recess and snack time were amazing, but chapter books and math equation are not my fondest memories. But this group of 10 year-olds figured out how to bust a move and solve long division problems at the same time, so learning can actually be fun!


Nadine Ebri teaches a fourth grade class in Jacksonville, Florida. One day she was giving a lesson to the class about long division, but she felt bad because there’s so many steps and it’s usually really difficult for students to grasp. However, the goofy group of kids decided to turn everything she was teaching into an upbeat song.

They quickly made up the lyrics and a little dance to go along with the jingle. Suddenly the whole room was singing “divide, multiply, and subtract. Bring it on down and bring it on back!” The lyrics were just the formula to solve the equations, but they made every kid eager to jump up and try a problem on the board.

When Monday rolled around, the students were supposed to take their math test about long division. Instead of slumping over their desks dreading it, they were “hyped.” (Yeah, hyped over a math test. I thought that was impossible.)

They just kept belting out their new song and the test was a breeze.

Man, I wish math was this fun when I was in elementary school!

Ebri took a video of her class using the song to solve math equations and posted it on Facebook. The video already has over 8 million views and everyone started jamming to it. The video has also been posted all over Twitter and people are still going nuts over this cute song.


Okay, now if I could just get it out of my head…



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