Here Is Your Chance To Participate In Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

Carpool Karaoke is the pinnacle example of how the purpose of late night TV is seeping from the airwaves into the depths of the internet. James Corden took over CBS’s secondary late night show, The Late Late Show, in March of last year. Despite how he does in the ratings, his bits dominate the internet and there’s a strong chance you’ve seen ’em.

His most notable segment, Carpool Karaoke, involves a celebrity carpooling to work with James (because that’s how celebrities work). While en route, they jam out to the hits just as we all have done with our much less famous/talented friends.

The bit is fun to watch, apparently, as Corden’s segment with Adele was named Youtube’s most popular video in 2016…His videos with Justin Bieber, Elton John, Mariah Carey and more are not too far behind.


Corden has teamed up with just about every mega-star and now they’re giving the opportunity to…you.

Oh god.

James has teamed up with RED/Omaze for a chance to win a VIP trip to LA to attend a taping, meet James, and then drive around in the official carpool karaoke car and make your own segment.

Here’s the website’s description:

James Corden is inviting you and a friend to join him at a taping of The Late Late Show. You’ll tour backstage, take a photo at James’ desk and be added to the Photobooth wall of stars, and you’ll hang in the green room before (and after!) the show. Tell the celebrity guests we say hi! Get ready for the best seats in the house and a chance to experience James’ charm in the flesh. And finally, you get to join him for Carpool Karaoke! We won’t be mad if you dedicate a song to us. Flights and hotel included.

Seems pretty sweet. Can’t wait for the flock of entries of people who think they’re good only because they jam out with the music blaring with no regard to how they actually sound. However, it’s for a good cause so they’ll take you even if you do suck. Here’s what the purpose of the fundraiser is for:

Today and every day 400 babies are born with HIV. We can get that close to zero as soon as 2020 if we all act now.

The life-saving ARV pills that prevent HIV+ moms from passing the virus to their unborn babies cost just 30 cents a day in sub-Saharan Africa. When you donate to win a (RED) experience on Omaze, you’re helping to ensure more moms get access to that medication, and you’re helping get closer to the goal of an AIDS FREE GENERATION.

Although it is free to enter the contest once, you can buy RED apparel for extra entries. $10 = 100, $100 = 1000, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.03.55 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.04.11 AM.png

However, let it be known, you DO NOT need to make a purchase to enter. You can enter right here fo’ free, but you know…the kids.




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