The Light At The End of 2016 – Chance The Rapper Drops Surprise Christmas Mixtape

How do you measure a year? You don’t. You rely on the padding that is the holiday season to get you through the year you just endured and the hours you spent doing things you wish you weren’t. But a few weeks of jolly music, indulging into your favorite holiday vices combined with family is a foolproof formulato raise the GPA of your year. Like an extra credit assignment handed in right before grades are posted because hey, it helps.

2016 banged a lot of people up, and it’s going to take a Christmas miracle for anyone to reflect on 2016 as a “good year.”

After playing Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” 563 times this year (kidding/not kidding), my brain was itching for something more, something new. Then Chance The Rapper snuck into my home in the middle of the night and gave us all something Santa couldn’t.

Anew Christmas mixtape was dropped last night without any warning. After the 23-year-old’s SNL performance last week, I’ve been on a huge Chance kick and now this will be playing through my speakers non-stop for the next 3-365 days. Enjoy.







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