GoFundMe Launched to “Protect Betty White” in the Final Days of 2016

Perhaps I’m not the best person to write this post as I am not particularly well-versed in the “classics” ofpop culture. I’ll school anyone in Kardashian trivia and can rattle offevery award show’sbest and worst dressed, but when it comes to the Hollywood ofback in the day, I’m clueless. Haven’t seen the timeless movies, didn’t go through a Classic Rock phase –it just ain’t me.

But when 2016 was slammed with a series of celebrity deaths, one superfan decided to paytribute to someone he’s deemed untouchable. And that bad b*tch is Betty White.

The GoFundMe campaign has tripledits $2,000 fundraising goal and there’s still time to contribute before it ends tomorrow. As you can imagine, since ol’ Betty’s probably got enough cash on hand, the funds will go to an arts charity. Thecampaign’s founder,Demetrios Hrysikos, aimed to create something uplifting after so many people have been devastated by all of the talented, influential people we’ve lost this year. This campaign would fuel new talents and unite people who are grieving all over the world.


But, there is some element of humor here, too. It’s obvious on social media and beyond that peopleare OVER 2016 and cannot wait to slam the door on it and never look back. Celeb deaths (and maybe, just maybe,Donald Trump’s presidential win) played a part in this negativity around what could’ve been just another ordinary year in the books.

So in the final days when we’ve been hit with more unfortunate passings, terrorist attacks across the globe and not getting the puppy you asked for from Santa, we must protect the people we love and make sure 2016 cannot possibly do any more harm.



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