How To Effectively Discipline In 2016 – Make Them Exercise

ARLINGTON, TX. An off-duty policewas notified of a teen smoking pot outside of a movie theatre. He approached the male who peacefully complied with the officer (who works for astate that is pretttty strict against pot).

Anyways, the kid is getting a quick high outside beforeindulging in a cinematic experience accompanied by theatre-sized popcorn soda and candy. Do we blame him?

The cop disciplines the unnamed subject, but gives him a choice. Go to jail for smoking pot, or do 200 pushups. Easy decision right? Wellllll not so much. When’s the last time you’ve done more than 25 pushups? Let’s check in on little johnny.


I think we have a legitimate solution to crime in America, exercise! Americans hate that. You could run a mile for every egg you threw at the house, canoe as many miles as you were over the speed limit, or even do a bench press for every person you killed…You get the picture.

Best part of it all? This kid was at the theatre with him Mom who had no idea what he was doing. It was reportedthe teen’s Mother found the officer after and asked him why he didn’t make him do 1,000 pushups.

Moral of the story: Smoke in the car.



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