Is Kendall Jenner’s Nipple Enough To Save 2016?

These past 365 days have been rough for most of us. There were countless celebrity deaths including the likes of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and so many others. There was Harambe. There was ISIS. There was the Presidential Election. All of which were rough for some, not so rough for others.

At the end of a collectivelybad year, is there anything that could save it? When in doubt, a Kardashian puts out.

Kendall Jenner showed off her nipple piercingand displayed it for the world to see in the final hours of 2016. Pushing for the year to be a little less bad, maybe even saving it as a whole?

Well, that’s up to the reader’s discretion.

The 21-year-old model and reality television star took to Instagram today to post a picture of herself and her sister Kylie, who is also all about pierced nipples, in an attempt to save 2016 and show us that we have nothing to fear about the next 365 days of our lives.

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Kendall Nicole Jenner, the hero the world has been waiting for.



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