Upstate NY Woman Gets 7 POUNDS of Pot Delivered To Her Door By Accident

Not too far down the road from Two Buttons Deep HQ here in Troy, New York, a woman in Valatie was expecting toys for her children but received an unwanted surprise that is pretty much wanted by the rest of American society.

According to CBS Albany, Pamela Marks reviews toys and writes about them for her own blog which she has done for over 2 years attracting over 20,000 views a month. (Hey Pam, how about a job here at 2BD?) Then on December 29th of what is now last year, she opened up a package like she has done many times before and it did not smell like the kind of toy that she was looking for.

She immediately reported it to the Columbia County Police Department where they confiscated it and have begun an investigation on the package which was shipped from California.


Now should I be writing about weed? Probably not, but you shouldn’t be reading this either you pothead.

Let’s start off by this woman is literally the luckiest person in the world. 7 pounds of weed delivered to your front door?! Jeez that’s better than any toy that she could have possibly been expecting. Mrs. Marks says she doesn’t smoke but I wouldn’t be surprised if she took a little bit of the delivery for herself and is going to buy her children presents with the money from selling that. You can never trust someone who reviews toys on the internet. Although I write about the woman who reviews toys on the internet though so maybe don’t trust me either.

PS: The drug dealer that this package was intended for has got to be PISSED that a box of legos just showed up at his door.




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