Lakers Fan Drains Half-Court Shot To Take Home $95,000

All those hours shooting hoops in your driveway may actually pay off in the long run.

During last night’s Los Angeles Lakers game against the Memphis Grizzles, a random fan was selected from the crowd to come down onto the famous Staples Center court and take a shot from half-court in front of a sold out arena in an attempt to become $95,000 richer.

That lucky fan was Jerald Acoba and as you can tell by the title, he stepped up and tossed the biggest shot of his life and drained it. After sealing that fat check for himself, he took a page from Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell’s book and let the world know that he too has ice in his veins.

As awesome as it is to see a normal fan like you or me get the opportunity to do this and succeed at it, is there a chance this guy isn’t the casual fan that we all think he is?

I’m not trying to rain on Jerald’s parade but I would be shitting my pants I had to do this in front of all those people. It’s not like you can say no to this type of situation so if the Lakers tell you to come on down The Price Is Right style you have to say yes. No if ands or buts.

So young Jerald walks on down to the court and is absolutely electric with the crowd, pumps them all up more than the Lakers have the entire game and drains that shit better than Kobe did during his final years in Los Angeles. Is it just me or could there be something going on here?

I know that people hit these shots all the time to win money but this one seems like it was set up to me, there’s no way that this guy can possibly be that calm, cool and collected. Especially when you take into account that every time someone misses the half-court shot contest at the Lakers game they raise the amount of the jackpot. The purse is up to a whopping $95,000 which is a lot of money for the company sponsoring this to give away right from their pockets.

So what better way to find someone who you know can hit this shot without a doubt and save yourself from having to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars until some random lady finally hits the shot. My roommate at college is the biggest conspiracy theory guy I know so maybe some of his thoughts are rubbing off on me. Hopefully not.

All in all, what do I know? What I do know is that Jerald Acoba is the guy who has the giant check and I do not.


PS: I hate basketball so here’s video of Mr. T nailing a center ice shot contest at a Chicago Blackhawks game a few years back for my fellow basketball hating, hockey lovers out there.



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