Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Have Beef And There’s Only One Way To Settle It

Not sure how I missed this one last night but oh boy is this good.

As most celebrity “fights” go, they are absolutely pointless and literally over nothing.†Same with Soulja v. Chris. I honestly forgot Soulja Boy was still a thing but here he is. Back on the front page of every entertainment media site about wanting to fight Mr. Breezy himself.

Here’s the rundown of what’s happened so far:

Chris Brown’s ex-grilfriend†Karrueche Tran posted a picture of herself on vacation in Jamaica. Soulja Boy then pulls a pretty not so for-the-boys move and comments a bunch of heart eye emoji’s on Karrueche’s picture which pissed off Chris Brown to the point where he called Soulja Boy about it. That call lead to Soulja Boy going off on Twitter about it and recording a video of himself calling out Brown about being a bitch and wanting to fight him. 

PSA if you turn the volume up on the video you can hear someone munching away on what I’d say is cereal in the background. Wonder if it was Karrueche herself?

I don’t really think Chris Brown is a bitch in this whole thing though. Am I wrong for thinking that? Possibly. Wait no, let’s not forget Chris Brown knocked out Rhianna so fuck that guy.

Now let’s be realistic, odds are these guys are not actually going to fight each other. So what’s the next best thing? Our first guess would be a†rap battle, but I realized that there’s something way better….A dance off.

Both of these guys have a background in some sort of dancing. Soulja Boy obviously invented his own dance†that you broke out at every middle school dance†but people forget that Chris Brown was in the movie Stomp The Yard back in 2007.

Chris Brown


Soulja Boy


Who do you think would win in the dance dance revolution battle of the century? Leave it in the comments below.






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