English Man Spends Over A Year Working On This (Almost Failed) Marriage Proposal

Jorge Calado, 29, from Thrapston, England, popped the big question in a unique way. He spent an entire year writing a romantic rap song to perform to his girlfriend. An entire year! And his track had no features on it so according to all J cole fans he should get a Grammy nomination.

Jorge races cars for a living and wanted to make the car a place for happy memories.

“She constantly criticizes my driving and it really gets to me. I wanted to propose in the car so on future journeys we can think back to the time we got engaged and it will be a place of peace and happy memories.”

The year long journey from writing to performing almost ended in disaster as Sam, Jorge’s fiancé, didn’t realize he had written the song himself and constantly kept turning the volume down so that their child wouldn’t cry.


C’mon lady, this guy is trying to love you.

Luckily for Jorge, the fiasco ended perfectly with Sam accepting the proposal. Jorge had even flown in his family from Portugal to congratulate them at their end destination.

That’s a risky move Jorge. I wanna know what his plan B was if she ruined it or god forbid said no. Hopefully he had a text ready to send to his parents that said “Abort mission rn LOL”



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