Let’s Check In On Young Cousin Terio

Cousin Terio is a beloved 6-year-old who rose to fame quickly right at the end of the sinking ship that was Vine.

His rise was as inevitable as his fall. Terio is a gem of a character on social media due to the winning formula of great dance moves, funny narration, and a 6-year-old that probably weighs more than you…And like all good things in life, it came with a price. Imagine how a 6-year-old handles being thrown into a life of parading through requests for appearances and pictures.

6 year olds don’t do that. They do cartoons and kindergarten.

Not Young Cousin Terio though. Who says his favorite song is “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef (FYI first line: “These b*tches love Sosa.”), and wants to grow up and become a rapper. The newfound star is known for his signature dance moves seen here:


And subsequently, here:


But a lot of speculation around the internet phenom grew that his family, and the operators of the Vine account, were exposing their young family member in pursuit of the Vine Special: 15 minutes of fame.

What started as a few funny videos of a child dancing quickly turned into Terio dancing all of the time to pump up their feed. We’re talkin’ everyday this kid was dancing for the camera. Everybody wanted him to dance, it’s what he’s known for so of course they do. But there’s a line that needs to be drawn when it becomes less of a child being funny, and more like a circus performer.

He’s called Cousin Terio because his older cousin, Maleek, runs the Vine account and also makes appearances himself. Here is their quick appearance on CBS Sports:


After 2013, Terio has made little to no public appearances, except for this one ridiculous 2014 interview, where it seems he sold out to some internet manager and for some reason we haven’t heard from him since.

Until now:

Terio took a trip to the Steelers locker room for some reason. Can you imagine being 6 in a room full of adults all videotaping you and it was your job to dance? Is that a good feeling?

I guess I’m not Terio, so I wouldn’t understand…

We’ll end this with a picture of Terio and his Mother, who says Terio is big because he’s on a “street diet.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 1.46.20 PM.png




How do you feel?

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