5 Reasons Spring Semester Is The Best Semester

Spring semester is just around the corner and that can be a bit deflating for students. I mean, Iím just starting to feel relief from the previous finals week back in December. And above all I finally feel like Iím one with my dog again. But the spring semester can be a make or break for your academic success so Iíve come up with 5 great reasons why spring semester is the best semester and to make sure you donít just survive, but thrive.

1. Home is where the heart is, but not your friends.

Home is warm at all hours of the day, there is a plethora of food, pets, and you don’t need to wear flip flops in the shower.†Above all, there is nothing that says ‘home’ quite like the embracement of your bed, which seems to never change no matter how long you leave it vacant.

But I mean, what is all that good for if you donít have your college friends around to enjoy it with? Immediately when you get home itís great to meet up with the old friends from high school, but after a couple hangs it seems the novelty wears off and we’re all ready to get back into college mode. Thereís only so many old high school stories you can re-tell, while your college friends still make fresh mistakes every day that are worth talking about.

2. Youíre still in school mode (kinda).

Winter break is the equivalent†of taking a 15-minute power nap and feeling ready-to-go, instead of falling asleep for two hours and waking up groggy and wishing you had time for a third (lookin’ at you, summer vacation).

3. Mo’ holidays mo’ problems.

Itís time to face the hard truth we always avoid swallowing leading up to winter break, the holidays are a disease to your productivity. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are literally detrimental to anything productive you had planned, because it’s college and you are really good at†convincing yourself that having fun is a priority. But now all of that has passed and we donít have anything super official to look forward to until either spring break or St. Patrickís Day, where regardless somebody will be puking green.

As sad as it is, it is also an opportunity to focus on school. You have most of January, February, and half of March to buckle down and get that safety net of good grades before you get distracted again. These are a crucial three months for your GPA, and a window of time that you don’t get in the fall semester. Also the weather wonít get remotely nice until April (we in the northeast, here) so you won’t be tempted as much with adventures and you’re more likely to talk yourself out of going to the bar in the slush. Also:


4: The weather will only get nicer.

Although it’s nothing to write home about now, the weather and the days will only get nicer and longer as time progresses. Nobody loves the transition that is springtime, but it’s essential to get to the niceness of summer we all loathe for. Use this downtime to push yourself as far as your can, because you know damn well you will want to day-drink when it’s 75 degrees out and there’s a bounce house on campus.

5: Remember, teachers are people too.

We all have had a teacher whose sole purpose in life is to be a miserable human being and make all students live’s living hell. I also have had the pleasure of learning from many great teachers who enrich my life and make me proud that I go to the school that I go to (whatsup St. Rose). And this is a friendly reminder that their lives donít revolve around school like we might think. They enjoy their time off and for the most part can get annoyed and over the semester around the same time as we do. So treat them with respect and try to do more than appreciate them only when they cancel class.

With that said, ride out your time at home in productive fashion, eat all the food and love your dog. Then make your way back to school with the right mentality: kicking ass until the next holiday comes along.




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