Drew Barrymore Eats Humans In Her New Netflix Show…Yep.

Drew Barrymore is back at it. And by back at it I mean she now eats humans?

Barrymore is featured in a new promotional video, which starts off as a typical diet commercial before quickly turning into an advertisement about cannibalism.

The new ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ claims that it will satisfy your cravings and allow you to lose as much weight as you desire! With this new diet, you’re able to get a supermodel’s figure while still eating whoever you want.


Oh, yeah… I said eat “whoever” you want, not “whatever” you want. That’s because this diet craze is about consuming human flesh. The newest commercial features Drew Barrymore digging into a juicy bowl of fresh human meat, with a gooey eyeball on top to make the dish more aesthetically pleasing, of course.


You’re probably terrified at this point, right? Well don’t worry, because none of this is a real diet (or at least I hope not.)

All of this is just part of Barrymore’s new TV comedy series:

On Feb. 3 the show Santa Clarita Diet will premiere on Netflix. Barrymore serves as Executive Producer and lead actress in the series.

The show is about a husband, wife, and daughter living in a suburb outside Los Angeles. Soon after Shelia (Barrymore) dies in the first episode, she begins to crave human flesh and the family learns how to deal with her abnormal and horrifying eating habits. The family also has their ordinary problems to work through, such as raising a teenager.

Her husband in the show (Timothy Olyphant) doesn’t quite approve of the whole eating people thing either, but I guess you have to do some pretty crazy things for the people you love. Here’s his perspective:


Or maybe you just have to put up with weird shit to avoid getting eaten by the woman you married? We’ll tune in on Feb. 3rd and let you know.




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