Late Night in the Morning – The Roots Reenact The Most Dramatic Conversation From The Bachelor

Late Night In The Morningprovides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show/NBC) has his notorious house band, The Roots, reenact a scene from episode 2 of The Bachelor.

Questlove and Tariq sit down in the roles of Corinne and Taylor, when they went back and forth about if they we’re ok, in the most mind-numbing exchangefrom two of the most chin-scratchingcontestants. They went back and forth making sure each other were OK with the fact they stole Nick from each other on multiple occasions.

Woke Note: neither of them were ok. None of this is ok.

Questlove does this bit whenever the Bachelor or any sort of spinoff airs, but this one was definitely one of the best. Enjoy:

And stay tuned later today for a #HotTakes article on this week from Connor and I. See our week 1 recap here.



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